Bigtincan Hub & Salesforce


Selling is easier with Bigtincan HUB

Bigtincan HUB delivers smarter, next-generation sales enablement tools that measurably help enterprise sales and service organisations boost productivity and success. Bigtincan Hub helps sales teams sell better by preparing for meetings more effectively, improving client and prospect engagement, enhancing collaboration with peers, and improving win rates all within Salesforce.

The AI-powered sales enablement platform transforms the way sales and service organisations access, share, and collaborate on sales content, helping to deliver the right content to sell effectively in any location, on any device. Discover the key to unlocking the untapped power of Salesforce.

Bigtincan HUB enables my sales team to get the full value from our marketing department; just when you thought you had made a great choice with Salesforce, you receive something that makes the decision even better, I don’t know how I made it so long without this tool.
— Todd Gibbons

Integration with Salesforce enhances the intelligence and synergy between workflows, content & sales expertise.

When your sales team needs access to valuable content and account knowledge – the right information at the right time & location – Bigtincan HUB’s integration with Salesforce gives you the foundation of a well-orchestrated and managed sales process, which keeps everyone on the same page – and gives you unmatched insights into the effectiveness of your content at any given stage of the sales process.

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Sublime can boost Sales Productivity up to 30%

Sublime will customise HUB so that it collects the data that your business processes require for Salesforce. For Salesforce users we provide Bigtincan HUB;

  • Licensing, Installation and Training

  • Customisation of the Salesforce interface in HUB

  • Ongoing UX/UI Design and Technical Support

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Use the promotion code: SUBLIME-FORCE for a free 'Sales Experience Design' workshop.

Sublime is also offering hands on HUB demonstrations for existing Salesforce users.
Contact Simon Torsellini directly at or phone 1300 663 992.