Custom Mobile Business Apps

Mobile tools are becoming more important to business operations.  As more and more people conduct work outside of the office, these tools are critical to helping employees get business done.  Without high functioning apps, employees either have to use poor functioning mobile websites, or have to return to their desktop computer.  Unfortunately, these options are not always possible or efficient.  For that reason, companies are creating business apps  to help them compete and succeed.

Business applications generally require more customization and time-consuming inputs than consumer applications.  They need to fit a business case and provide real value to the customer.  On the other hand, consumer apps generally tend to be either for entertainment, for media or for lifestyle.  These applications can roll-out with a beta test and be iterated slowly over time.

Business applications need to work better than the existing software on the first roll-out, otherwise it makes more sense to keep the existing product.  If the new solution reduce productivity and hurts business, it is a mistake to provide them.  That is why business apps have more investment and more testing before they are utilized.

One common business app is the customer relationship management tool (CRM).  The CRM allows sales people to keep up to date with the entire sales life cycle.  Good CRM systems allow sales people to easily access their lead's contact information, deal status, notes and other information with a few taps on the phone.  They also provide back-end integration with financial tools to help management predict sales and organize the business.  

These apps need customization for each company's specific needs.  For example, call center workers with hundreds of potential clients buying Medicare Advantage plans would need a much different interface than an executive selling cranes to a dozen construction companies.  These employees need different levels of detail about their clients and their requirements in order to complete the sale.  The apps must be developed differently with different interfaces.

Some providers allow their partners to develop an entire suite of custom apps on one platform.  This standardization allows the company increased efficiency and integration.  In addition to CRM, ERP is an extremely popular system for manufacturers, logistics company and storage providers.  These companies get on the same system in order to provide a global supply chain management infrastructure that benefits all parties.  Each company knows when to expect shipments and when to prepare to ship their goods as they make their way to the end-user.  They help regulate inventory levels and improve cash flow.

Again, these systems are best when they are customized to the individual business.  The millions of logistics providers and manufacturers around the world have different needs and a one size fits all approach could never work.  Currently, SAP and Oracle are the leading ERP providers.  These companies sell complex systems that cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to install and have every bell and whistle.  Most companies do not need such complex systems to optimize their business, in fact they need much simpler and more cost-effective ones.

Finally, all the apps need to work on iOS, Android and Windows which are the primary mobile operating systems.  If an employee has an iPhone but the app is only available in Android, they will be left out of the company's increased productivity.  

Sublime is the leading bespoke business app provider.  The company creates world-class apps to satisfy business needs that help optimize your company's operations.  These apps are developed on the same platform for consistency, integration and intuitive understanding.  For more information, please contact us.  Our friendly staff will provide a detailed overview of how we can best help you achieve your goals.