Forget about advertising, create an app for your brand!

Plié, Groove'n'Shuffle created an app for their local businesses.

Plié, Groove'n'Shuffle created an app for their local businesses.

The Murdoch University, Australia, and the University of Indiana, USA, studied how the use of mobile apps can have a positive impact on users. The study consisted in comparing the impact on sales, after the use or not of a branded app. It confirmed that using branded apps has a positive persuasive impact, it can increase the interest in the brand and in the brand’s products, and it can also produce a large and significant positive shift in involvement. 

Apps also seem to be an ideal medium for educating people about new products, or products they have yet to try. Do not forget the high level of user engagement, based on rich experiences, that apps can offer.

An App as an Ad

Branded apps are useful and may be one of the most powerful forms of advertising ever developed. One of the reasons for the popularity of branded apps as marketing tools is their high level of user engagement and the positive impact they have on attitudes toward the sponsoring brand. 

Branded apps offer the unique benefits of mobile marketing communication, following consumers wherever they go, and are able to be updated with the last localised information and deals, but in a “pull” format that consumers actually want to see.

Which type of app?

Not all types of apps are good marketing tools for a brand ad campaign. The relevance of the product makes no difference, but apps with an informational/user-centered style are more effective at shifting purchase intentions, most likely because this style focuses the attention on the user, and therefore encourages them to make personal connection with the brand. 

The informational creative strategy attempts to show how the brand can solve particular problems an user may have. Check the showcase of our customer: Farmacie Sant'Anna who made an application with GoodBarber. It's a good example! 

Doing so requires an internal focus attention, as users search their memories and make decisions and plans in relation to the brand.

How can Sublime help you?

Designing an informational app that consumers find useful in their daily lives could be very difficult. Additionally, identifying, programming and testing these tools requires a large budget of time and money to ensure success. 

But all of this is a breeze with Sublime! 

It’s very easy to add all the information from your website or from social networks to your beautiful app, and update it very quickly every time it's needed. 
And Voilà! Your brand can always be in the pocket of everyone around the world. 

GoodBarber's push notifications can also be very useful for a branded app, since it’s possible to send different news depending on the city in which the users are located, showing them events or the opening of a new shop, etc. 

No more stress and money spent for a lot of advertising. Branded App is a very powerful advertisement solution and it’s with your clients in every moment.