Membership Apps provide Marketing that works

Over the last few years, marketing has changed dramatically. Television ads are not routinely skipped through the use of DVR's, radio and newspapers have been replaced by the internet, and even the once flourishing online marketing space has been eroded through the use of ad blocking plugins.

But while those options have been virtually removed from the landscape, a new option has emerged that puts a marketing platform into nearly every pocket and has the ability to cause an audience member to stop what they're doing to view your advertisement.

Membership apps allow you to design an environment completely around your business, collect data on their routine, get into direct contact with the customer, as well as provide access for sales right in the palm of their hand. Customers feel they're getting into better touch with your company and, when designed well, an app can cause them to voluntarily look through your products to learn more.

The trick to success in the membership app market is to provide an incentive for installation. Common options include offering a discount on purchases, free or reduced shipping, points in a loyalty program, or advance notice of future product releases. This enables the customer to feel as though they're getting an advantage over other customers and are able to save money through the use of your app.

By harnessing the power of push notifications, you can market directly to your customers by targeting specific demographics with marketing designed around their needs, location, or even based on the customer's own attempts at finding related products. This is a powerful feature no other advertising platform can compete with and helps you reduce the cost of conversion for new customers and return customers alike.

The other key feature that membership apps allow is instant analytics. Because smartphones offer a variety of communication methods, an app can figure out geographical information on users, as well as how frequently they use the app, where they go on the app, and what kind of information they look at while using the app. This important information can be used to adjust the app in ways that will help increase sales, as well as provide an opportunity for marketing targeted more specifically to individual customers.

While most marketing is focused on trying to convince the viewer to either come into a store or do some other kind of action to get them to a position where they can make a purchase, membership apps have the potential to eliminate that hurdle by offering a store right in the app. By using push notifications to market specific products, you can cause the user to be linked directly with a purchase platform that they can use to make a purchase right in the moment without the opportunity to forget about the ad or change their mind on a purchase between seeing the ad and being in a position to buy.

What's more, apps allow for remarkable customization. While some business app developers offer little more than cookie cutter designs, Sublime apps are designed for your specific needs, providing a portal that is both easy to use and consistent with your own specific branding. This means your customers will get a unique experience, custom designed for customers that are particularly interested in your brand.

Customization also allows you to ensure that, through the analyzing of analytic information, your app can be formed to provide a constantly improving experience that ensures your company is continually impressing your company base whether in store or in app.

To find out more about how you can put the power of membership apps to work in your business, reach out and contact us today and let us show you how easy and effective apps are in today's marketing world.