The key to unlocking the untapped power of Salesforce


Bigtincan HUB has become Salesforce's preferred content enablement platform.

Since the last Dreamforce conference, Bigtincan HUB has become Salesforce's preferred content enablement platform.

As many of us have experienced, Salesforce is a powerful CRM but often can be complicated to implement and cumbersome use. What if you could give your give your staff and sales teams a straightforward and faster way to interface with Salesforce, with secure mobile access to the latest customer information, performance metrics, marketing collateral, procedure training and process forms. 

At Sublime we use Bigtincan HUB to empower businesses to connect with their customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways. It’s extended integration into Salesforce enables sales professionals to better prepare for meetings, engage productively with clients and prospects, smoothly present and capture data and ultimately, increase win rates.


Bigtincan HUB was recently named the Sales & Service industries best: Mobile Content Engagement Application
— Gartner

Content must be accessible, contextual and shareable.

Bigtincan HUB is transforming the way sales and service organisations access, interact with, present, collaborate on and share content, as well as how they engage with customers when using their mobile devices.


Smarter, More Powerful Sales Enablement Capabilities

The HUB’s powerful features and capabilities leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to successfully guide sales professionals through the sales cycle, improving productivity and customer satisfaction at every customer interaction. How Sublime can help your business;

  1. Prepare
    Recommended content and real-time CRM intelligence delivered to any mobile device.

  2. Create
    Create custom content, collateral, presentations, and dynamic sales playbooks on the fly.

  3. Engage
    Engage your customers and transform the selling experience with more effective, interactive content.

  4. Share
    Gain insight into how your customers view, share, and engage with your content via real time usage alerts and dynamic entry into CRM/SFA.

  5. Measure
    Measure every content interaction by the team and uncover tribal knowledge within your organisation. Understand how people work to help them work better.


Enabling Business Mobility

Sublime helps sales and service teams increase software utilisation, win rates and customer satisfaction, through the seamless integration of the Bigtincan HUB premier mobile collaboration platform, with the Salesforce CRM. 

You will be amazed at what can now be accomplished on a mobile device. Discover how Sublime can help your organisation benefit from the market’s leading mobile sales enablement platforms.


Sublime is currently offering hands on HUB demonstrations for Sales and Dreamforce participants. Contact Simon Torsellini directly via email or phone 1300 663 992.