SALES Presentation Studio

With Presentation Studio, users can quickly create interactive mobile sales presentations that enable their sellers to tell stories and showcase their capabilities in far more compelling ways – leading to more impactful meetings, higher information retention, shortened sales cycles and more revenue.

The Presentation Studio is fully integrated into Sublimes Content HUB, enabling creators to share their touch-enabled content with designated users, update materials as needed, and measure usage.


Presentation Studio’s easy-to-use browser-based design tool that enables designers, marketers and agencies to build beautiful touch-driven mobile sales apps that present content in more engaging ways, without having to do any coding.

  • A browser-based easy-to-use design tool that creates interactive mobile sales content without any coding.

  • Converts static PowerPoint or PDF presentations into dynamic, interactive touchscreen presentations that increase sales conversion rates.

  • Amazing graphical approach demystifies the intricacies of complicated products & effectively communicates complex information in ways that will wow the customer.

  • Decreases seller prep time & increases face-to-face selling time with customers.

  • Dynamic navigation easily adjusts content for the flow of the conversation with customers.

  • Ensures that everyone uses the latest approved presentation, controls messaging & mitigates compliance risk.

Replace lengthy slide presentations with a single, powerful mobile sale app that delivers high impact content, increases the duration of time customers spend with sellers (on average 3 to 5 times longer per meeting) as well as increases a customer’s retention and recall of key sales messages.