Direct Marketing

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is a type of advertising campaign which presents a compelling offer with the intention of persuading customers to take action. 

Direct marketing is versatile because it can be used across a whole range of media formats, including digital ads, mail, telemarketing, point of sale (PoS), text message and email marketing.

The goal is to encourage your customers to give you their time and attention. This starts with knowing how your products meet their needs, and how to effectively communicate this to them in a context they will appreciate.

With the right message and product combination, direct marketing can be an effective approach to raise brand awareness, build long-term customer relationships and measure results.

How we help you with Direct Marketing

Unlike many other forms of marketing, there are low barriers of entry to utilising direct sales. This makes it an effective way to boost sales if done correctly. However, it’s all about producing the right combination to appeal to your audience.

Our SublimeX team has years of marketing experience that can help you promote your product or services directly to your target customer, customise your promotional content and help develop an ongoing relationship with them.

By working with you to optimise your direct marketing campaign, we can help you achieve results with only a small percentage of the cost of more traditional, above-the-line advertising. 

Our Approach

Direct Marketing has a lot of potential when both planned and executed well.

This is why our team will meet with you to research who your specific audiences are and what needs we are seeking to address with your direct marketing campaign. This helps us tailor the right approach to offering your products as a solution that will pique their interest and encourage them to learn more.

Next, we set a realistic marketing budget and targets which align with your marketing goals.

Then we implement the final execution of the approved direct marketing campaign and monitor the results.