Customer Experience and Retention

What is Customer Experience and Retention?

Customer experience is defined as any interaction that your customer has with your business. If the experience is positive, then they will be pleased with your brand which leads to a high retention rate.

Customer experience and retention are so important for business today, because people’s expectations are high. How they are treated and how well your company meets these expectations contributes to whether your customer has a good, bad, or neutral experience.

Retaining current clients and nurturing repeat sales is a far more cost-effective approach to business than continually prospecting for new leads and convert them into customers.

Your marketing efforts provide most of the interactions that people have with your brand, which is why it’s important to utilise marketing to help retain your customers and keep them happy. 

How we help you with Customer Experience and Retention

Customer loyalty offers a lot of advantages to your business, but it’s difficult to earn and easy to lose. You want your customers to enjoy interacting with your business and remain loyal, and to do this, you must invest in providing the best customer experience possible.

At SublimeX, we can help you improve your customer's experience and delight them by focusing on creating valuable marketing initiatives that meet their needs in a positive way. 

Our Approach

We help you master your customer experience and retention through the following steps:

  1. Our team will assess your current customer feedback and work out the ratio of new versus current customers.

  2. We then evaluate all of the touch points where your customers are interacting with your business to work out how to improve their overall impression of your brand.

  3. We work with you to develop a customer-centric strategy which utilises the right marketing executions to help improve their experience and retain more customers.