Marketing Campaign Development & Execution

What is Marketing Campaign Development & Execution?

Marketing campaigns are a way businesses address strategic objectives by communicating with your audience, reinforcing your brand positioning, retaining current customers and acquiring new leads. 

A marketing campaign involves careful planning and research to create a core message along with corresponding creative executions. These are launched across relevant marketing channels to reach an audience, meet their needs and motivate them to act.

When executing a marketing campaign, your business needs a step-by-step process which starts with outlining the goals, defining the tactics and assigning the resources needed to successfully achieve measurable results. 

How we help you with your marketing campaign development & execution

Reaching, influencing and nurturing your customers can be challenging in today's fast-paced digital world. Campaigns are expensive, both in financial cost and time, and you want to ensure that you’re launching ones that will deliver measurable outcomes.

SublimeX can help you with your marketing campaigns from start to finish and beyond so you can focus on the bigger picture. Our experienced marketing campaign team focuses on creating well-targeted executions to help you achieve success.

Our Approach

To help you successfully create and launch campaigns, we begin by identifying the key elements in your marketing plan. This ensures that we set objectives and parameters for your campaign which align with your overall business direction.

We will then discuss what metrics we are going to use to help measure the success of each campaign, and establish a budget.

After this, we agree to a timeline and an action plan, which involves developing all of the campaign executions and creative content and to launch – from social media and websites, to advertising artwork, video, printed materials and more.