Senior DevOps Engineer 

Sublime Software Sydney is looking for a talented Senior DevOps Engineer to join our global engineering team.

DevOps Engineers at Sublime Software assist in the design, implementation, and support of tools, architectures, and infrastructures that Sublime Software provides for its clients and at, at times, for its own internal operations.

Sublime Software DevOps Engineers need to demonstrate good leadership and communication skills, be able to problem solve, be self-motivated and be able to contribute to collaborative software projects by architecting system designs and deployment processes. In order to overcome the challenges that Sublime Software has as a business, DevOps Engineers must be able to suggest, quickly learn, and utilise new technologies that can benefit solutions for Sublime Software’s internal use or the use of its clients.

This role can be based in Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney or Ho Chi Minh City. It'll require occasional travel to Ho Chi Minh City if not based there.

What's the job?

The Senior DevOps Engineer will:

  • Maintain, document, configure, support and monitor deployment and development environments;

  • Develop well-prepared, accurate system and network design documentation;

  • Provide recommendations regarding future technology and strategy for Sublime Software’s clients and Sublime Software itself;

  • Oversee and be responsible for the design, implementation, and/or support of cloud infrastructure for client projects;

  • Refine and recommend improvements to development tools and platforms (e.g. CI Chains, Code Repositories, QA Automation tools);

  • Provide client-facing support for a Technical Lead, Principal Engineer or Technical Director where specialized DevOps knowledge is required;

  • Contribute to the implementation of backend aspects of software solutions (e.g. services, database implementation, queues, authorization/authentication schemes, serverless programming, etc).

Who are you?

DevOps engineers are passionate about maintaining cutting edge relevance in the DevOps space and loves attending events and hackathons, reading relevant books and following blogs. On top of that, they have knowledge and experience in the following technologies:

Cloud computing experience :

  • AWS (EC2, VPC, Route 53, Cloud Formation, Cloudwatch, IAM, Cloudfront, Elasticache, RDS, S3, SNS, OpsWorks, Lambda)

  • Serverless

System operations experience:

  • Linux System Administration

  • Windows Server Administration

  • SQL Server and/or MySQL

  • IIS and/or Kestrel

  • Chef

Tools and scripting:

  • Logging systems (Logstash, ELK)

  • Monitoring/event management systems (e.g. Nagios, New Relic)

  • CI systems (e.g. Jenkins, Hudson, Octopus Deploy)

  • Scripting (e.g. bash, Python, Node, Ruby, and/or Powershell)

Bonus experience:

  • Advanced AWS Certification, particularly SysOps Professional

  • .NET or Node.js software engineering experience

  • DBA Skills (e.g. database schema design, query tuning, stored procedure programming)