Solution Architect

Sublime Software is looking for a Solution Architect who is excited to work alongside a talented group of innovators to craft digital products. 

Solution Architects at Sublime are Design Specialists. Given the growth in demand for cloud-based solutions of increasing complexity, Solution Architects must be self-motivated to keep abreast of latest industry trends and best practices. Additionally, they must be able to quickly understand complex projects and problems and provide clear and concise direction and advice.

Ideal Solution Architects at Sublime Software are those that enjoy the beginnings of projects and are described as “drivers” by those that work with them. They are typically found in Sublime Software’s Business Design, Experience Definition, and Technical Design phases as well as being active in a pre-sales capacity (when not otherwise assigned to a project). They may also be brought in to advise in the beginning of Implementation phases and provisionally asked to implement key parts of their design, but this is a less frequent use of their talents.

Solution Architects must have proven experience in the digital space with multiple delivered solutions. They must bear the learnings and scars of experience but be able to balance this against new or emerging technologies in the space (particularly cloud-based ones). While solution architects rarely are called upon to code, they need to find a way to understand the implementation consequences of the designs they propose.

Solution Architects must have a high degree of consulting and stakeholder management skills and have an excellent business nous.

This role can be based in Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney or Ho Chi Minh City. It'll require occasional travel to Ho Chi Minh City if not based there.

Who are you?

You're a daring self-starter who shows perseverance because you're eager for results. You're a great listener, you communicate clearly and don't quiver in front of clients. Your colleagues trust you and your integrity is untouchable. You're known for being a phenomenal mentor. You're so friendly and fun, everyone wants to be you.

You have at least 5 years of experience in creating real-world Solution Architectures (particularly cloud based ones) for companies in the digital space. You're an experienced internal project lead and you also thrive in leading client workshops. You have some solid experience in AWS.

Skills required:

  • AWS Solution Architect Professional Certification (or equivalent)

  • Proven experience using AWS SaaS offerings (Cognito, Rekognition, CodePipeline) and SDKs

  • Implementation experience in Development Operations including at least two of the following:

    • API Development

    • Front-end Development

    • Database administration

    • SecOps

    • Cloud Development in a platform other than AWS

    • Machine Learning

  • ITIL Foundations

  • Experience with at least one of the following Compliance or Security certifications:

    • ISO-27001

    • GDPR

    • APP

    • SOC-II